About NANO 2014

Main Building of Moscow State University, Lenin Hills, South - West District of Moscow
Main Building of Moscow State University, Lenin Hills, South – West District of Moscow

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to participate in NANO 2014 – a great Congress in a great place and time! You are welcome to share your outstanding works with all the people over the World interested in different aspects of nanostructured materials. Next year, the XII international conference on Nanostructured Materials (NANO 2014) will be hosted by Lomonosov Moscow State University on July 13 – 18, 2014 in Moscow. This continues the series of conferences in Cancun – Mexico (1992), Stuttgart – Germany (1994), Kona – Hawaii, USA (1996), Stockholm – Sweden (1998), Sendai – Japan (2000), Orlando – USA (2002), Wiesbaden – Germany (2004), Bangalore – India (2006), Rio de Janeiro – Brazil (2008), Rome – Italy (2010), Rhodes – Greece (2012).

We provide a forum for outstanding scientists in chemistry, physics, mechanics, computer simulation, biomedical applications, advanced characterization techniques of nanostructured materials. As usual, the Congress will discuss the state-of-the-art research, recent achievements, global trends, an exchange of novel ideas, concepts, techniques and exciting perspectives in nanoscience, nanotechnology and related rapidly developing fields. Our guests and participants will join a unique community of 1000+ scientists attending:

beautiful opening and closing ceremonies,
9 plenary lectures of Nobel prize winners and world leaders of nanoscience,
more that 100 invited talks of distinguished scientists,
about 500 oral contributions,
about 700 poster presentations,
11 sections gathering about 80 valuable topics,
exhibition events,
Young Scientist Award competition,
sight–seeing tours in the largest city of Russia – Moscow and suburbs.
In hoping to see you in Moscow,
Organizing Committee.

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Visas for those who has to prepare visas
In 2014, the Congress will be held in Russia for the first time during a comfortable summer season, inside a green and very domestic campus of the best Russian university.

Registration of all our paticipants will take place in Lomonosovsky Building of Moscow State University (Universitet metro station, Lomonosovsky avenue, 27 / 1 bldg., Mirror Hall).

The campus is located in the famous district of Moscow “Yugo-Zapadniy” (South – West area) and can be reached easily by taxi, metro, busses etc. The Main Building of MSU is visible from almost any point around and is not far from the metro station “Universitet” (“University”) which belongs to a historic “red line” of the metro transportation system crossing Moscow from beneath. It will take a couple of bus stops or 10 – 15 mins by feet down to the Lomonosovski avenue to get one of the well – know symbols of Moscow – a huge highlander Main Building of MSU which is not possible to miss!

Main Building of Moscow State University, Lenin Hills, South – West District of Moscow

Lomonosov Moscow State University is the oldest and largest university in Russia with the tallest educational building in the world. From the engineering point of view, Moscow University campus is an extremely complex system, with 1,000,000 sq. m floor area in 1,000 buildings and structures, with 8 dormitories housing over 12,000 students and 300 km of utility lines. Founded in the XVIII century, the University has been constantly growing. In June 1992, Moscow University has received the status of a self-governing institution of higher education. Nowadays the University retains its role of a major center of learning and research as well as an important cultural center. Its academics and students follow the long-standing traditions of the highest academic standards and democratic ideals. It offers training in almost all branches of modern science and humanities. There have been 11 Nobel Prize winners among its professors and alumni, out of 18 Russians who have received the prestigious prize so far. Besides its 39 faculties, Moscow University comprises 15 research institutes, 4 museums, 6 local branches in Russia and abroad, about 380 departments, the Science Park, the Botanical Gardens, The Library, the University Publishing House, a recreational centre and a school for talented children. The university has well-established contacts with the most distinguished universities in the World, exchanging students and lecturers with the leading international institutions.

In the MSU Campus, main events of NANO 2014 will happen in the Lomonosov Building of MSU (Congress opening and Plenary lectures, Invited, Oral talks and Poster presentations in 11 parallel sections, Exhibition). All these buildings, lunch, dinner restaurants, several local museums, green parks are within a walking distance and compose a part of MSU Campus situated at a nice elevated point of Moscow – Lenin Hills. This place is included as a “must – to – see” stop in most of sightseeing tours, it is also a favorite stop of wedding corteges of Moscow people and also a relax area of students. MSU Campus is beautiful and safe in day time and is mystically illuminated tonight.