The Congress Exhibition will present manufacturers of advance production and characterization equipment, publishing houses, innovation companies. Several thematic disputes on education, business and innovations are planned during the Exhibition.The unique Lomonosov Building of Moscow State University is scheduled as an Exhibition venue(see CONTACT US for maps).

Participation in the Congress Exhibition with a stand could be possible by selecting proper variants presented briefly in the Table:

Stand, Equipment / Area 4-6 m2 9 m2 12-16 m2
Table 1 1 1
Chair 2 4 4
Podium 0 1 1
Spotlights 100 W 1 2 3
Socket 220V-2,5 kW 1 1 1
Hanger 1 1 1
Rubbish bin 1 1 1
Badges (free access to the event with coffee breaks) 2 4 6
Participation in the welcome party 1 1 2
Advertising in the handouts 0 1 1
Price, Euro € 800 € 1300 € 1800
All the Exhibition participants will be provided by a standard arrangement of the equipment during NANO 2014 as shown below as soon as their preliminary suggestions are fully agreed by  and the payment of exhibition fee is completed.

Standard 4-6 m2 stand

Standard 9 m2 stand

Standard 16 m2 stand

The stands could be equipped with additional options or re-arranged on your demand, please CONTACT US to discuss such details.

Please also note that either Generalor or Official Sponsors will receive both the bonuses described in the Sponsor Package and, in addition, they will be granted with a 16 m2 stand for a presentation.